Building a CentOS test VM

12 Dec

This is just some notes regarding how to create a CentOS 7 performance test VM.

Work in progress!

  • Start with a CentOS 7 minimal ISO
  • Bring up networking: nmtui
  • Configure proxy settings in .bash_profile, if needed
  • Enable the EPEL (Extra Packages for Enterprise Linux): yum install epel-release
  • yum install iperf iperf3 git texinfo
  • yum groupinstall ‘Development Tools’
  • git clone
  • Edit ,uncomment AC_CHECK_SA_LEN macro
  • Edit configure, change am__api_version from 1.14 to 1.13 to match aclocal version
  • Diff for the two above steps here: netperf-centos7.patch
  • ./configure
  • make install