Keeping track of sysadmin actions

16 Jan

I’ve been using Unix for quite a while. A few decades, actually.

For all this time, I’ve always kept notes on the commands done when installing and upgrading important services. For some reason, the very handy tool “script” has completely eluded my until now – it’s a little bit easier then logging from screen or tmux, invoked as simple as:

root@firewall1:/mnt# script install.log
Script started, file is install.log
root@vpn:/mnt# apt-get install openvpn
Reading package lists… Done
Building dependency tree
Reading state information… Done

root@vpn:/mnt# exit
Script done, file is install.log

What goes in the file is the entire session, just as in a tmux log but a little easier to get it going. I’ll add it to my documentation toolbox for sure!